Beatriz Palacios


Beatriz joined The Loft team in 2006 before returning to her native Madrid in October 2007 and since then, her life is split between the two cities flying back to Dublin every six weeks.

Beatriz has always concentrated on personalizing her style, looking for quality and unique design in precious stones such as onyx, agate and jade which she finds in auctions and small shops in the larger cities of NY, Paris, San Francisco and Madrid. Collecting these precious stones and metal designs she has incorporated her own contemporary tastes with vintage materials and developed a distinctive style of her own. All of her jewellery is hand made using traditional techniques such as lost wax process for casting metals, stone setting and welding.

Beatriz Palacios jewellery can now be found in Finland, France, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Spain and most recently in Japan. Her continued success comes down to the unique design and quality of every handmade piece of work.

beatriz palacios

beatriz palacios jewellery


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beatriz palacios jewellery